Middle back pain is typically experienced as a dull ache that persists for days to weeks at a time. Occasionally, persons may experience sharp, jabbing pains in the areas of the thoracic spine or along the ribs.

There are a variety of reasons why a person can experience pain throughout the middle back. Most commonly, muscle strains between the vertebrae, facet syndrome, degenerative disc disease, and rib-related issues are the source of middle back pain. Poor posture is the leading cause of the majority of middle back complaints. Intense coughing, sneezing, or increased exertion can cause ribs to become misaligned and strained, which ultimately leads to increased middle back pain.

In most cases, conscious awareness of your posture can limit or resolve middle back pain issues. Sit all the way back in your office chair and relax your shoulders. If you happen to pull a muscle in your middle back, put ice on it immediately for 20 minutes. This will help decrease inflammation and reduce pain significantly. Regular chiropractic adjustments significantly decrease middle back pain and can prevent future middle back injury and irritation.