Plantar fasciitis typically presents as pain in the heels and bottoms of the feet that is typically worse in the mornings. Feelings of tightness and swelling along the bottom of the foot and difficulties with bending the toes may also be present.

Plantar fasciitis is caused by straining the ligament that supports the arches in the feet. As the ligament is repetitively strained from normal use or when running long distances over extended periods of time, pain and swelling are more likely to occur. Congenital high arches or flat feet may also increase the chance of developing plantar fasciitis.

When symptoms of plantar fasciitis begin, it is important to take care of the problem immediately before it progresses. Roll the heel and bottom of the foot on a golf ball to break up adhesions built up in the tissues and make sure to ice the feet, especially before going to bed, to decrease inflammation in the affected area. Freezing a water bottle and rolling the foot on it works best and can kill two birds with one stone. When pain symptoms start to diminish, do not stop home therapy as plantar fasciitis is known to come back quickly and is typically worse than the previous encounter. It is important to provide feet with proper arch support. Replacing standard insoles with custom-made orthotics can greatly reduce the chances of developing plantar fasciitis. Cotton Chiropractic also gets fantastic results from manual tissue massage and ultrasound therapy in the affected areas of the foot.